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In 1993, Dr. Phillip Aron Hooker, M.D., Ph.D., a Mayo clinic and Harvard trained dermatologist, was in the first group of doctors who was personally trained by Dr. Jeff Klein, the inventor of true tumescent liposuction. Dr. Klein, a California dermatologist and Dr. Pat Lillis, a Colorado dermatologist, personally taught this group of aggressive physicians the art of true tumescent liposuction.

In 1994, Dr. Hooker again trained with Dr. Klein at the first true tumescent liposuction workshop at Dr. Klein's surgical clinic in California.

In 1996 and 1998, Dr. Hooker again trained with Dr. Lillis to sharpen his skill in the art of true tumescent liposuction. He also worked with other liposuction surgeons such as Dr. Rhoda Narins, a New York dermatologist, and Dr. Bill Cook, a San Diego dermatologist.

In 2001, Dr. Hooker once again trained with Dr. Klein and Dr. Lillis who were teaching together again for the first time since their initial workshop in 1993. At this session, Dr. Hooker himself underwent liposuction that was performed by Dr. Lillis. He felt absolutely no pain during or after the liposuction. Dr. Hooker went to a dinner party at the home of Dr. Lillis that evening and even participated in the fun of karaoke. He flew home to Mississippi the next day and was back in his clinic performing liposuction the following day.

Dr. Hooker performs true tumescent liposuction exactly the way he was taught by the masters themselves. He has treated thousands of areas for hundreds of patients ranging in age from 13 to 75 years. Not a single patient has experienced a complication. In fact, many have come back to permanently reduce other areas. They have referred their friends and family for liposuction. Some have had as many as nine areas sculptured. Dr. Hooker's family members, relatives, and clinic employees have trusted him and undergone his artistic skill. He has treated doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, judges, politicians, truck drivers, homemakers, office workers, factory workers, food service employees, and many other occupation types. His patients come from Mississippi, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, and other states.

Please call our clinic at 662-494-7167 to speak directly with Dr. Hooker who can also arrange for you to speak with one of his many satisfied and happy patients. Also please look for more information on the inside cover and the yellow pages of your local BellSouth phonebook.

For a personal telephone consultation with Dr. Hooker, please call (662) 494-7167



Dr. Phillip A. Hooker, MD, Ph.D.
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